Curriculum Vitae

Kazys Varnelis

Academic Experience

Director, Network Architecture Lab, Graduate School of Architecture, Art and Planning, Columbia University, 2006 -

University of Limerick, Ireland
Senior Lecturer, History of Architecture and Urbanism, 2005 -

University of Southern California, Annenberg Center for Communication
Senior Research Associate, "Networked Publics Annual Theme," 2005-2006

University of Pennsylvania
Lecturer, Department of Architecture, School of Design, Spring 2005

University of Southern California
Adjunct Faculty, Public Art Studies Program, 2004-2006 

Art Center College of Design
Visiting Faculty, Liberal Arts and Humanities, Graduate Program in Criticism and Theory, 2001

Southern California Institute of Architecture
Faculty, History and Theory of Architecture and Cities, 1996-2004
Coordinator, History and Theory of Architecture and Cities Faculty, 1999-2001
Faculty, Metropolitan Research and Design Program, 1999-2001

Cornell University
Teaching Assistant, 1989-1992

Graduate Education

Cornell University, 1989-1994
Ph.D. in the History of Architecture and Urbanism, 1994 
Specialty: Modern Architecture and Urbanism
Minors:Theory and Criticism of Architecture, Rhetoric and Architecture

Master of Arts in the History of Architecture and Urbanism, 1990

Undergraduate Education

Cornell University, 1986-1988
Bachelor of Science in the History of Architecture, 1988
Simon’s Rock College of Bard, 1984-1986
Associate of Arts in Social Sciences, 1986

Creative and Professional Practice

AUDC, new media collaborative, Founding Principal, 2000-

Grants, Fellowships and Awards

Mid-Career Faculty Fellowship, Annenberg Center for Communications, University of Southern California, 2005-2006

[with Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design] American Institute of Architects, Los Angeles, Presidential Award for Educator of the Year, 2004

[with AUDC] Vectors Residency, Annenberg Center for Communications, Institute for Multimedia Literacy, University of Southern California, 2004

Research Grant, Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts, 2004

ACSA/JAE best article of the year, 1998

Martin J. McVoy Trust Fellowship, 1992

Cornell History of Architecture Travel Fellowship, 1990

Academic Excellence in Social Science, Simon’s Rock College, 1986

Book Projects

editor, Networked Publics (Cambridge: The MIT Press, 2008)

editor, The Infrastructural City: Networked Ecologies in Los Angeles (Barcelona: ACTAR, spring 2008) 

[with AUDC], Blue Monday: Absurd Realities and Natural Philosophies (Barcelona: ACTAR, 2007) 

Points of Interest in the Owens River Valley (Los Angelese: Center for Land Use Interpretation, 2004)

Edited Journals

Co-Editor with George Dodds, “1966: Forty Years After,” special issue of Journal of Architectural Education, forthcoming February 2006

Founding Editor, Forum Annual, Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design, November 2004

Co-Editor, Critical Historiography, special issue of Journal of Architectural Education, May 1999

Selected Critical, Theoretical, and Peer-Reviewed Essays

“Architecture After the Individual,” David Chipperfield, Kieran Long and Shumi Bose, eds. Common Ground: A Critical Reader (Venice: Marsilio/Venice Biennale of Architecture, 2012)

“Network Theory. Freedom and Control in Network Culture,” Brett Steele and Francisco Gonzalez de Canales, editors, Net Works: An Atlas of Connective and Distributive intelligence in Design  (London: The Architectural Association, 2011)

“Almost Nothing,’  Alan Rapp, editor, Black Maps: American Landscape and the Apocalyptic Sublime (forthcoming, New York: Chronicle, 2012)           

“Out of Time,” Cédric Delsaux, Dark Lens (Paris: Éditions Xavier Barral, 2011)

“The Rise and Fall of New Media,” Frieze, September 2011

“Infrastructural Fields,” Quadrerns 261, April 2011

“Simultaneous Environments,” Mark Shepard, editor, Sentient City Ubiquitous Computing, Architecture, and the Future of Urban Space (Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press and the Architectural League, 2011).

 “History After the End. Network Culture and Atemporality,” Cornell Journal of Architecture 8, spring 2011

“Review: Google Images/Flickr,” Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, fall 2010

“The Potential of Passaic,” Thresholds 36, spring 2010

“Architectural Ethics in the Second Modernity,” Graham Owen, editor, Architecture, Ethics, & Globalization (London: Routledge, 2009)
The Immediated Now. Network Culture and the Poetics of Reality,” in Jo-Anne Greene, Networked. A Networked Book about Networked Art

“The Potential of Passaic,” Thresholds, forthcoming, spring 2009

“Desert Abstractions. Mojave, California and the Flight of SpaceShipOne,” Ramon Prat, Jaime Salazar, Michael Kubo, ed. The Desert, [Barcelona: Actar, 2006]

“Philip Johnson’s Empire,” Emmanuel Petit, editor, Philip Johnson. The Constancy of Change, [New Haven: Yale University Press, 2009]

“Network Culture” and, with Anne Friedberg, “Place,” Networked Publics, (Cambridge: The MIT Press, 2008)

with Marc Tuters, “Beyond Locative Media,” Leonardo, special Pacific Rim issue edited by Soh Yeong Roh, August 2006

“Programming after Program. Archizoom’s No Stop City,” Praxis 8, June 2006

“Prada and the Pleasure Principle,” Log 6, September 2005

“The Centripetal City: Telecommunications, the Internet, and the Shaping of the Modern Urban Environment,” Cabinet Magazine 17, Spring 2005

“Los Angeles, Cluster City,” in Jürgen Rosemann, Stephen Read, Job Van Eldijk, eds., Future City [London: Routledge, 2005] [among the other authors are Stefano Boeri, Andreas Huyssen, Saskia Sassen, Richard Sennett]

"Kulturos Industrijos Katedros," Kulturos Barai, April 2005, “Cathedrals of the Culture Industry,” (revised) Forum Annual, Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design, November 2004

“One Thing After Another,” Log 3, September 2004

“La Ciudad Más Allá del Mapa,” [the City Beyond Maps] Pasajes de Arquitectura y Critica, September 2003

Los Angeles at the Limits, Reflexive Practice in a Late Capitalist City,” Praxis 5, July 2003

"Türme des Wachstums, Linien der Verdichtung; Auszug aus Kazys Varnelis' Vortrag zur Eröffnung der Ausstellung über das <One Wilshire> Gebäude in Los Angeles <Center for Land Use Interpretation>, L.A. August 2002,” An Architektur 05 [Mission Critical Facility], Berlin, March 2003

A Brief History of Horizontality: 1968/1969 to 2001/2002” Pasajes de Arquitectura y Critica, March 2003

Cathedrals of the Culture Industry,” Pasajes de Arquitectura y Critica, August/September 2002

Hallucination in Seattle. Frank Gehry’s Experience Music Project,” Pasajes de Arquitectura y Critica, June 2001

Architecture after Couture,” Thresholds 24, Summer 2001

“National Art Museum and National Identity in the History of Globalization,” Krantai, 2/2000 [critical theory journal in Lithuania]

“The Burdens of Boredom: The Problem of Reinventing Contemporary Architectural Practice,” Off-Ramp, 2000

“Kazys Varnelis. Interview” Archiforma, fall 1999 [architecture journal in Lithuania]

Postmodern Permutations,” Thresholds 18, Summer 1999

“Critical Historiography and the Ends of Theory,” Journal of Architectural Education, May 1999

“The Education of the Innocent Eye,” Journal of Architectural Education, May 1998, Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture/Journal of Architectural Education best article of the year, 1998

"The Caress of the Commodity. On Autonomy, Compromise, and Other Possible Positions in Architecture," Thresholds 15, Fall 1997

“The Literature of American Architecture: A General Introduction,” in G. E. Kidder-Smith, Sourcebook of American Architecture, Princeton Architectural Press, 1996

“The Language of Space: The Unwritten Politics of the Theory and Criticism of Architecture,” ASCA Proceedings, 1996

“‘You Cannot Not Know History:’ Philip Johnson’s Politics and Cynical Survival,” Journal of Architectural Education, November 1995

Selected Architectural Journalism

“Back to School,” Architecture Magazine, September 2006

“Goodbye Supermodernism: The End of Non-Place,” Architecture Magazine, July 2006

“Working Abroad, Perpetually. How Two Young Companies [GRAFT and servo] Make Distance an Energizer,” LA Architect, November/December 2003

“Building and Rebuilding the Urban House. Projects by JohnstonMarkLee, Michael Folonis, and PXS,” LA Architect, July/August 2003

“Corporate Camouflage. SPACE International’s Noevir USA Showroom,” LA Architect, May/June 2003

“Embracing Late Modern,” LA Architect, March/April 2003

“Journey’s Start [Gary Paige Studios’ SCI-Arc renovation],” World Architecture, November 2001

“King of the Hill [Escher/Gunewardena’s Jamie House],” World Architecture, November 2001

“The Blue Dawn [George Yu/Jason King/Do Design’s IBM e-business center],” World Architecture, September 2001


“The Spectacle of the Innocent Eye: Vision, Cynical Reason, and the Discipline of Architecture in Postwar America,” Ph.D. dissertation, Cornell University, May 1994

“Reading the Literature of Modernity: History and the Flatiron Building,” M.A. thesis, Cornell University, January 1990

Selected Publications of Student Work

Elizabeth Keslacy and Jee-Hee Haar Farris, “Bizzarri bazaar, vie vorticose: shopping nel centro di Los Angeles / Bizarre Bazaars, Animate Alleys: Shopping in Downtown Los Angeles,” Lotus 118, 2004.

Selected Public Lectures and Symposia

“A Manifesto for Looseness,” Smart City Expo World Congress, Barcelona, December 2011

“Too Big to Fail? Megacities and the Threat of Complexity”, Megaciudades: Fenómenos Informales Clásicos en la Megaciudad Latinoamericana”, Preconference of the International Geographical Union, Valparaíso, Chile, November 2011

“Network Culture and Space,” Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania, May 2011

“Advancing Architectural Research,” Architektūros Pakalbiu Fondas, Vilnius, Lithuania, May 2011

 “Almost Anything,” Thinking Big: Diagrams, Mediascapes and Megastructures / The Architecture of Kevin Roche, Yale University, February 2011

“After the Archive,” On Experimental Writing, Canadian Center for Architecture, February 2011

“The Future of Collapse,” Design and Existential Risk, Parsons the New School for Design, November 2010

“Who Owns Images?” (with Thomas Demand and Geeta Deyal), Frieze Talks, October 2010

“This Will Kill That,” Keynote Talk, Once Upon a Place: Haunted Houses and Imaginary Cities, Lisbon, Portugal, October 2010

“Future Cities” Luzio Taskas/Breaking Point, Palanga, Lithuania, September 2010 (conference of 300 of the most important business leaders in Lithuania)

“Recent Work, Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius, Lithuania, May 2010

“Networked Ecologies,” Future of Urbanism Conference, University of Michigan, March 2010

“Complexity and Contradiction in Infrastructure,” Lectures in Planning Series, Program in Urban Planning, Columbia University, November 2009

“Infrastructure and the Future: Assessing the Architect's Role,” School of Architecture, Northeastern University, November 2009

“Properties of Networked Publics,” Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College, November 2009

“Looking for Precipice, Shockwave Riders: Collective Intelligence and Transdisciplinary Pedagogy,“ Parsons School of Design Strategies, November 2009

“The Infrastructural City and its Discontents, Visualing Infrastructure Lecture Series,” New Jersey Institute of Technology, November 2009

“The Infrastructure of Urban Ecologies “Columbia University, Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation, October 2009

Keynote Address, "Pipes and sponges, Reconceptualizing Mobility Infrastructures" Symposium, Università IUAV di Venezia, October 2009

“Network Culture. A Changing Context for Design.” Design Criticism MFA Department, School of Visual Arts, October 2009

“The Infrastructural City.” The Studio for Urban Projects and SFMOMA Architecture and Design Forum. SFMOMA, San Francisco, September 2009

“The Stimulus Progression,” Cambridge Talks III, Harvard Graduate School of Design, April 2009

“The Wealth of Architecture Blogs,” Blogitecture symposium, MIT HTC Forum, April 2009

“Collapse!,” organized panel discussion, Studio-X, Columbia University, November 2008

“Seduction at the Glass House,” The Hammer Museum at UCLA, September 2008

The Philip Johnson Tapes, The Glass House, National Trust for Historic Preservation, March 2008

“Network Research,” School of Architecture, Clemson University, February 2008

Moderator, Future Cities Panel, Digital Life Design Conference (DLD), Munich, January 2008

“Blue Monday,” The City Unplugged, Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture Preservation and Planning, October 2007

“The History of the Eye,” Studioscapes, Harvard Graduate School of Design, April 2007

“Tourism of the Void,” Desert Tourism Conference, Harvard Graduate School of Design, April 2007

“On Research and Scholarship in Architecture,” ACSA National Conference, Special Focus Session on Research

Presentation of work by AUDC, Desert America event, Columbia University, November 2006

“The Future of Libraries,” Presentation and Discussion with Gerald Beasley, GSAPP 125th Anniversary Celebration, October 2006

Architecture and Situated Technologies Symposium, the Architectural League, New York, October 2006

“Creative Destruction. Archizoom’s Eclipse of the Visual,” Society of Architectural Historians Conference, April 2005

“Philip Johnson’s Empire,” Philip Johnson: The Constancy of Change, Symposium, Yale University, February 2006 [other speakers include Beatriz Colomina, Peter Eisenman, Kurt Forster, Sandy Isenstadt, Mark Jarzombek, Charles Jencks, Jeffrey Kipnis, Rem Koolhaas, Reinhold Martin, Detlef Mertins, Joan Ockman, Alan Plattus, Terence Riley, Michael Sorkin, Stanislaus von Moos, and Mark Wigley]

“From Archizoom to AUDC,” Omar Mithun Lecture, University of Washington Department of Architecture, April 2005

Smart Maps and Intelligent Locations”, Sitegeist series, the Architectural League, New York, March 2005 [other speakers are Clark Stevens, Eyal Weizmann, Peter Eisenman, Laurie Olin, Stephen Shore, Laura Kurgan, Thomas Struth, Joel Sternfeld, Sallie Mann, Eduardo Souta de Moura, and Elizabeth Diller]

[with Robert Sumrell and Steve Rowell of AUDC], “Ether + Quartzsite,” Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design, New Spaces, New Cartographers lecture series, December 2004

“Los Angeles at the Limits,” Cal Poly Pomona, May 2004

“Distractions and Diversions,” Guided Bus Tour of the Owens River Valley, Center for Land Use Interpretation, April 2004

“The Authentic Eye,” Architecture History Pedagogy, Symposium Honoring Henry A. Millon, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, November 2003 [with Stan Allen, Stanford Anderson, Beatriz Colomina, K. Michael Hays, Mark Wigley, Simon Sadler, and others]

“Mies’s Doubt: The Counter-Modernity of Mies’s Collages,” Society of Architectural Historians Conference, April 2003

“Reassessing Southern California Modernisms,” University Art Museum, California State University, Long Beach, April 2003

“The City Beyond Maps,” New Cities/New Media, University of Southern California, January 2003 [with Norman Klein, Lev Manovich, Mitchell Schwarzer and others]

“Invisible Cathedrals: Monuments and Fiber Optics in Downtown Los Angeles,” Los Angeles/Berlin: Myths and Future Phantoms: A Symposium on Architecture, New Media, and Urban Design, UCLA Design and Media Arts Department/Goethe Institute-Los Angeles, October 2002 [with Mike Davis, Sylvia Lavin, Christian Moeller, Axel Schultes, Wilhelm von Boddien, and others]

“Towers of Concentration, Lines of Growth. How Telecom Hotels and Fiber Optic Lines Shape the Contemporary City,” Center for Land Use Interpretation, August 2002

“At the Limits: Contemporary Los Angeles Architecture Regards the City,” micro/marco LA, July 2002, Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design [with Paulette M. Singley, Joe Day]

“The Third Sublime: The Frontier, Technology, and the American West,” Escola Tècnica i Superior d'Arquitectura La Salle, Barcelona, Spain, April 2002

“Slippery City. Myths of Los Angeles as Eden and Dystopia,” Slippery When Wet: Specific Conversations on a Generic City, Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design, January 2002 [with Norman M. Klein, Julius Shulman, Paulette Singley]

“After The End,” Terrorism and Architecture, Southern California Institute of Architecture, November 2001 [with Lida Abdullah, Mariana Botay, Benjamin H. Bratton, Roger O. Friedland, Dick Hebdige, Norman M. Klein, Eric Owen Moss, Eddo Stern, Richard Wittman, Adam Zaretsky]

[with Robert Sumrell of AUDC], Invited statement read at conference, wanted>hypotheses4 conference, Princeton University, April 2001

Introduction and Respondent, “Reconsidering Postmodernism,” Society of Architectural Historians Conference, Toronto, 2001

Panelist, The Aesthetics of Marketing, Woodbury University, November 2000 [with Norman Millar, R. E. Somol, Michael Speaks, and Paulette M. Singley]

“Los Angeles. Urbanism After the Metropolis,” University of Tennessee, Knoxville, October 2000

“Los Angeles, Cluster City,“ Millennium Cities Lecture Series, TU-Delft, the Netherlands, May 2000 [review in Stephen Read, “Millennium Cities: A Review,” Stylos, September 2000]

“Ethics after the Avant-Garde: Criticism and Reflexivity,” The Fourth Harrison Symposium on Professionalism: Architecture, Ethics, & Globalization’” Tulane University, March 2000

“Customs Free Zone: The State Museum's Shift from National Identity to Global Identity,” Open Society Fund - Lithuania [Soros Foundation], Vilnius, Lithuania, September 1999

“From Rhetoric to Review: the Love Affair of Language and Space,” University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, April 1999

“Art and Architecture in Translation: Rowe & Slutzky’s Discovery of the Visual Language of Graphic Design,” Society of Architectural Historians Conference, April 1998

“Is There Life After the Death of Architecture? The Discipline, the Architect, and the Critic in the Next Millennium,” Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture -West Conference, January 1997

“Flow My Tears, the Architect Said: The Philip-Effect,” SCI-Arc Lecture Series, September 1996

“Towards a Dialectics of Space: History and Theory in an Affirmative Culture,” Society of Architectural Historians Conference, April 1996

“The Language of Space: The Unwritten Politics of Theory and Criticism in Architecture,” Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture Conference, Theory and Criticism Session, March 1996

“The Eye of Architecture: Visual Language, Perception, and Subjectivity in Architectural Pedagogy,” University of Rochester, Department of Art and Art History, April 1995

“Peter Eisenman’s Architecture of ‘In Between’: or How Do We Survive 1944?” Binghamton University, Department of English, March 1995

Taped lecture “Rodents, Architecture and the Will to Power,” played repeatedly in Virtual Room / Artificial Eye exhibit of Ars Electronica 94, Linz, Austria, June 1994

“Screening Architecture: Agency, Visual Language and 3-D Computer Modeling,” Screensites 94 / A L’Écran Conference, McGill University, Department of Communications, 22-23 April 1994

“Looking at the Innocent Eye: Vision and Identity in Postwar Architectural Education,” The Exploding Eye / I conference, Binghamton University, Department of Art and Architecture History, March 1994

Competition Entries

AUDC [with Robert Sumrell], “Windows on the World,” Fused Space, 2004


[All projects with AUDC are executed with Robert Sumrell, additional participants noted]

AUDC [with Steve Rowell], “Ether” + “Quartzsite,” gallery at Jorge Pardo’s Mountain Bar, December 2004

AUDC [with Steve Rowell], “Site:Nonsite:Quartzsite,” High Desert Test Sites, curated by Andrea Zittel, October 2004

AUDC “The Stimulus Progression,” The GardenLab Experiment, curated by Fritz Haeg and Francois Perrin, Art Center College of Design, September 2004

AUDC [with Steve Rowell and the Center for Land Use Interpretation], “One Wilshire” and “Ether,” “Connect the Dots,” curated by Scott Rigby and David Dempewolf, Leroy Neiman Gallery, Columbia University, September 2004

With the Center for Land Use Interpretation, “Infrastructures of the Owens River Valley,” April 2004

AUDC [with John Southern and Steve Rowell], “The Most Expensive Space in North America,” Form + Function show, Chapman College, February-March 2003

AUDC, “Cardboard Orthogonal Blob + 6 Other Projects,” Collectives + Manifestos show, Pompeii AD gallery, New York, November-December 2002

With the Center for Land Use Interpretation, “One Wilshire,” CLUI Los Angeles Facility Exhibit Space, August 2002

Selected Web Projects

AUDC, Site:Nonsite:Quartzsite included in database of selected new media work, in December 2004 Rhizome quarterly report, and in City/Observer an online exhibition curated by Yukie Kamiya, Associate Curator at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York

AUDC, AUDC Wiki included in database

AUDC, The Stimulus Progression included in database

AUDC, Ether included in database

Selected Publications of Creative Work

AUDC, “Quartzsite, Arizona,” Ramon Prat, Jaime Salazar, Michael Kubo, ed. The Desert, [Barcelona: Actar, 2006

AUDC, “The Stimulus Progression,” Verb: Processing, [Barcelona: ACTAR, forthcoming 2005]

AUDC, “Immaterial Culture,” Textfield III, Fall/Winter 2005

AUDC, “Ether. The One Wilshire Building,” Verb: Connection, [Barcelona: ACTAR, 2005]

AUDC, “Urban Konsumterror, III” Paulette M. Singley and Jamie Horowitz, eds., Eating Architecture, [Cambridge: The MIT Press, 2004]

AUDC, “Ether: Architecture of Self-Negation,” 306090, Spring 2004

AUDC, “El Espacio Más Caro de Norteamérica,” Pasajes de Arquitectura y Critica, September 2003

AUDC, “Quartzsite, Arizona,”, July 2003

AUDC, “Cardboard Orthogonal Blob,” 306090, April 2002

Television Appearances
“Visual Acoustics. The Modernism of Julius Schulman,” 2008

RTL [Dutch] and VTM [Belgian] evening news, discussion of problems faced by Los Angeles during current economic downturn, October 2003

ARD [Erstes Deutsches Fernsehen]/Public Television Channel One, Germany, interview on Los Angeles as a product of Hollywood, “Cin-City” [working title] one hour documentary by Eckhard Schmidt/Raphaela Film, broadcast 2003

LTV [Lietuvos Televizija]/Public Television, Lithuania, interview on the role of art museums in urban revitalization, Lithuanian National Television, September 1999